Home & Cottage Crafters offers you a home at any budget! Our amazing team works with you to find the perfect design, level of finish, build type, and much more to make your home building dreams a  reality!  

Be your own general contractor and

  • Flexible design to suit your needs and budget

  • Sweat equity helps you save money on your interior finishes

  • Do what you can yourself and let us manage the rest!

Do It Yourself!

Our DIY system allows you to take full control over your budget and create the home or cottage of your  dreams, while keeping price in mind. Have you ever wanted to build a legacy – something for future  generations to enjoy, somewhere for family and friends to gather and make memories that will last a  lifetime? Then do we have the option for you! Our DIY frame-up option is the perfect pathway for you to  create your dream home or cottage and keep your budget at the forefront of the conversation. With this  option you are truly able to build a personal oasis and the perfect spot to create unforgettable  memories and traditions with the most important people in your life.

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Did You Know?

If you are building a new home in Ontario you may be eligible to receive an HST rebate of up to $24,000! Click the link below to find out more.

Looking to save more? Try Comfort Homes!

Our sister business Comfort Homes was started with the mission to help budget-minded customers achieve their home and cottage building dreams - this remains our aim today. We found there were limited options for those that had a budget to stick to and wanted to create a system and offer a product that would allow our customers to fulfill their building dreams, without breaking the bank.