New Journeys

We are Live!

Home and Cottage Crafters is happy to finally launch our brand-new website; years in the making! Just like HCC’s new website, your new home is a journey that you will travel down full of new beginnings and exciting new experiences.

From the first shovel in the ground to the last brush stroke on the wall, building a new home is an adventure full of twists and turns. Our expert staff is here to help act as your guide in this wilderness. So, let’s dive into some of the sights to see along the way.

Drawings and Designs

When thinking about your new home, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on what it will look like. Our experienced sales team can help you narrow down from our offerings, modify one of our existing plans, or develop a fully custom home for you based on your needs. As you dream and plan, it can be helpful to create an idea book containing wish list items, sketches, photos, or any other references that we can use to develop your home design.

Our team will work with you and our partner designers to create a home that suits your needs and fits your budget. Your home will go through several design revisions to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new home design.

Permits and Paperwork

Once we have finalized your design, we get to the most exciting part: Paperwork! Kidding, of course, but even once your home plans are completed, there are still some steps to get through before we can start putting hammers to nails. It is necessary to get approval from the various agencies that hold jurisdiction in your building area. Construction permits, road access, conservation authorities, and more may all have applications to complete. With years of experience, our team has navigated all kinds of special requirements and can help to easily traverse anything from a pre-approved building envelope to a conservation variance.

Waiting for applications and approvals can be frustrating, but your patience will be rewarded in due time; when the final okay is given, and the construction of your dream can begin!


Once all regulatory approvals have been given, the fun can start. Shovels in dirt and nails in wood are a great relief to see after all your hard work and perseverance. Starting with excavation and lot prep, we work with you to prepare your property so that your home will have a strong and durable foundation. Framing follows to raise true and level floors, straight solid walls, and sound spanning roofs. To secure your home, finishing the exterior happens next, with roofing, windows/doors, and siding going on to close in your home and protect it from the elements. From the outside, you might think your home is finished, but there is a beehive of activity going on inside.

Heating, plumbing, electrical go in next, before insulation, and then drywall is done. Now we’re at a point where a house starts to feel like a home and spending time inside really gives the feel as to the final look. We then complete the home’s interior details: painting, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms, trim and doors, and more. Phew! At long last, we’re ready to hand over the keys and welcome you into your new home.

Seeds of Fortune

At Home and Cottage Crafters, we like to keep you involved in the process, while also aiming to keep you from being overwhelmed with too many details. One of the best ways we’ve found is in allowing you to take on some of the aspects of the construction of your home. Not only does this offer an avenue to save a bit of money, but helping to build your own home will be a point of pride. Whether it is painting your own walls, laying your own floors, or even installing your own kitchen, you can build equity and your family legacy.

We’re always excited to explore the possibilities with you, so give us a call and let’s discuss making your dreams a reality, together.